Suisei no Gargantia:'(

Having yummy graphics and authentic mechanical/character designs Gargantia still leaves the sense of a failed project. This is a bright example of inconsistent directing and how everything was relegated to the background for the central idea, but the idea does not worth it. Even the 13-episode show looks too roomy for it and, moreover, it has no clear conclusion. Or may it be that Gargantia have some conclusion actually?

There is one pretty good thing in all this: the thoroughly and lovely constructed world of Gargantia. It's pretty believable from the hard sci-fi perspective, except probably the collapsible hang-gliders, but let's assume that this is a poetical reference to the flying squirrels which are not uncommon at  Gargantia. Do we have anything else besides the sea world full of squirrels, nanomachines, giant squids, kind samaritans and insidious piratesses?

The show begins with the "hyperrealism" of a contact of the prodigal son of the Earth with its survived inhabitants. But here this "hyperrealism" along with the constructed language does not help but rather hinders the narration. Thanks God, Ledo speaks without help of the mecha at the second part of the show.
After the extravaganza of picnics and belly dances we learn that there was an ice age which then gave way to a deluge. These events had left behind themselves the four groups of people which lead their lives in different ways. The evolutionists merge themselves with squid-like symbionts which use implanted nanomachines as the energy source. Their opponents do not change themselves but use technology to survive. After the construction of the wormhole engine the opponents had been separated into the two groups again. The ones who live in the space are preoccupied with never-ending warfare and see it as the source of the constant progress which brings the order, efficiency, common good and rallying ideology for their species. The ones who left at the Earth live in peaceful coexistence, but this brings them the degradation, inefficiency and disorder which results in the appearance of parasitic pirates.
A crazy computer from the space decides to bring efficiency into the peaceful human society by the introduction of a rallying ideology, but our hero polishes its face and delivers it into the scrap metal collection point.

And what? This should teach us to not to give up our lives to crazy computers and ideologies by choosing peaceful coexistence to achieve personal happiness and freedom? How about the common good, order and progress? There is no way to achieve them in this case? May be, but the format of an ordinary full-length movie would be completely enough to express this.

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