Suisei no Gargantia:'(

Having yummy graphics and authentic mechanical/character designs Gargantia still leaves the sense of a failed project. This is a bright example of inconsistent directing and how everything was relegated to the background for the central idea, but the idea does not worth it. Even the 13-episode show looks too roomy for it and, moreover, it has no clear conclusion. Or may it be that Gargantia have some conclusion actually?

Aku no Hana: to make a right choice

If not so annoying main character, this probably would be not bad show in the terms of screenplay. And it even would be possible to enjoy it despite of, hmm, roto peculiar graphics. But it's a mystery, was the excessive doubtfulness of the main character director's choice, or it's an inherent part of actor's personality. May be all this was needed to add a sense of cold "hyperrealism" into the cozy upcountry atmosphere to make it look boring and annoying? It seems, that this "hyperrealism" shown up in the characters' characters and the ways how they estimate each other is the thing which makes this controversial show interesting.

The Last of Us: to make a right choice

The hardest puzzle in this beautiful and touching story is the words Joel said Ellie at the very end. There are at least two ways to treat them: this may be the truth or this may be a lie. But this may be the truth and a lie at the same time. Let's see, how this can be. [spoilers]