Silent Night V.6 Mod: making Silent Night to work with filesystem instead of medialibrary

Because Winamp's WASAPI plugin doesn't work very well with my new hardware and my favorite Winamp skin (actually the Classc Pro platform) has some performance issues when playing FLAC files with large embedded album art, I finally decided to move to foobar2000 (although I still have to use a software resampler with foobar's WASAPI, because my hardware driver doesn't accept 44.1 khz natively, but in foobar's case WASAPI works fine, and the sound quality is notably better than Winamp's WASAPI plugin could produce with its sound processing).
I knew that foobar is ugly and there are not so many skins for it, but the foresight was favourable to me and I found the Silent Night skin by Arnie77 which probably is the most aesthetically perfect skin for foobar, and moreover, it functionally resembles Classic Pro in many ways, except for two features I used to in Winamp: a filesystem tree and bookmarking. Silent Night also completely relies on the media library for playlist management (using a breadcrumb media library filter component).
But generally I do not use media library functionality, because media tags of the music obtained from various dubious sources are not always correctly filled or even empty. Instead of this I maintain a well-structured filesystem tree to categorize my music collection by genres and performers, so the skin as-is is almost useless to me. Although, as it turned out, the skin script is well coded and documented, and it's relatively easy to replace the media library filter with a filesystem tree component (which resembles Winamp's dynamic library plugin), so I yielded to the temptation to modify the skin, also adding a bookmarking component into it. The modified skin is available here (drobpox).