Advanced SlideShow Gadget

I have a large image library, and use of Windows SlideShow desktop gadget is a nice way to run over it at the spare time. But the standard one is quite small, and it reasonable to have a larger gadget. I didn't managed to find a gadget suitable for my needs on the net, so I decided to make my own one, since it's relatively easy to tweak standard gadgets. Here it is, an advanced slideshow gadget based on built-in Windows SlideShow:
In addition to a reasonably large size the gadget shows a path of the image being displayed and also has ability to instantly delete the image or copy it to a selected folder. Direct download link and the source code.

Portable Enso Launcher

Humanized Enso Launcher was a decent Windows command interface application by Aza Raskin & Co written in Python. It had one ultimate benefit - the application was extensible, so it was possible to write extension commands in several programming languages. But eventually it had been abandoned by its authors, and all the development efforts migrated to the community
Community version was more lightweight but extensible only with Python, although there were plenty of user commands. The active development also had not lasted for so long and become stagnant, the documentation base ( had died, and it seems that all hopes are lost for this great application. But it's still usable (particularly I use it), and I decided to create my own portable distribution of the community edition of Enso Launcher, supplied with several additional commands. This version also provides a Windows-friendly startup application (there is no such application in the original community edition which is launched by batch files) and keeps commands in the Enso folder, so it would be harder to accidentally lose customized or "learn as open" commands, for example, because of the reinstallation of the operating system.
A version of these additional commands for the original Enso Launcher is also exists.